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⁣Corona Ausschuss Meeting #66 – Basis Camp Full Video with English Translation – [VIDEO]

Stiftung Corona Ausschuss Sitzung 66 Kettenreaktion with English Translation | Corona Ausschuss Meeting #66 ~ Aug 20, 2021

⁣This simulation game event „Basiscamp” is held by members of the Corona Investigative Committee, members of the German party „Die Basis” and numerous previous guests.

The scenario: The federal government of Germany has resigned and an interim government has been established. Under the leadership of the new Chancellor Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and other interim government members, the current situation is analysed with the help of actual experts from various fields and a measure evaluation is carried out.

Learn more about the committee: corona-investigative-committee.com
Anonymous tips to the Corona Committee: securewhistleblower.com

Telegram Committee: https://t.me/s/Corona_Ausschuss

Telegram OVALmedia: https://t.me/s/OVALmedia

Stiftung Corona Ausschuss Sitzung 66 Kettenreaktion – Aug 20, 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6fHZvAD8U8&t=686s – 20.08.2021

with: Dr Matthias Burchardt, Prof, Franz Ruppert, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Prof. Werner Bergholz, Stefan Kohn, Adelheid von Stösser, Dr. Thomas Sarnes, Dr. Renate Holzeisen, Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer, Alkje Fontes, Gunnar Kaiser, Dr. Michael Yeadon.

Published on: Aug 20, 2021

Source: BrandNewTube